Colnago and Abu Dhabi

A special liaison

The Colnago Caffè is the coffee shop that stands alongside COLNAGO Abu Dhabi, the experience centre built by Colnago in the Emirati capital, the world's only flagship store of the emblazoned Italian brand.

The Colnago Caffè is driven by the tremendous passion for cycling and Italy that pervades every Colnago product. The Italian gut for elegance, the uniqueness and rarity of handcrafted products, the taste for beauty and refinement, the great love and pride for every of our creations - these are the values that you find in Colnago and that you will find in every product and activity by Colnago Caffè.

Colnago is proud to have its only flagship store in Abu Dhabi. After an Emirati fund bought the company in 2020, a special relationship began between Colnago, Abu Dhabi and its cycling community. "

Our Dedicated Team

at Colnago Abu Dhabi